Role Type: Area Council Member   Start Date: February 2016
Time Commitment: Routinely low, but largely self-driven

After serving as the Area's Membership Secretary for three years, the current incumbent, Alex, has taken on a national role in the organisation and is planning to stand down at the 2016 AGM.

"Our members are the ramblers most important asset; as well as providing the funds for the ramblers to campaign they are also the volunteers who organise our activities throughout the country.  The membership secretary is key to recruiting new members and keeping our existing members."- Alex

The Area Secretary is a member of the Area Council and, working closely with the Publicity Officer monitors and reports trends in the Area's membership and recommends and supports the implementation of strategies to increase the membership of both the Area and its constituent groups.

Ramblers Central Office has published a broad description of the role here (PDF).  Within the Area, there is a great deal of scope to make this role your own:

Essential Requirements

  • Computer literacy and regular access to internet for regular emails to/from central office, groups and area committee
  • Analytic and communication skills to interpret and report membership statistics
  • Ideas for how to retain and recruit members to the Ramblers.

Time Commitment

As Area Membership Secretary, you should attend the following meetings:

  • Attendance at Area Council meetings - four to six a year on a weekday evening
  • Area AGM in February

Once a month, receive electronic reports from Central Office, interpret and publish them to the rest of the Area volunteering community.  This takes about half an hour.

After that, it's up to you.  Implementing ideas for retention and recruitment, and working with other Area volunteers and Central Office on campaigns and publicity can take up as much time as you can give.